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What Causes Odor
Odors are caused by bacteria, molds, spores, toxins, hydro carbons, yeast, viruses and mildew. Common odors that people are used to, such as their own body odor, are less noticeable to individuals than external or uncommon odors. This is due to habituation after continuous odor exposure, the sense of smell fatigues quickly but recovers rapidly after the stimulus is removed. Odors can change due to environmental conditions, for example odors tend to be more distinguishable in cool dry air.

Our systems CLEAN the air by removing contaminants, harmful particles, Offering immediate results.

Misconceptions about pet enzymes is companies and products promote they remove odors. Pet enzymes ONLY neutralize odors.  From Mitigation to elimination we are you one source. Elimination odors from Contents and Structures can be Tricky, Dangerous, and harmful. We have the knowledge, Capability, & experience to remove them safely.


Misconceptions about Ozone machines are they eliminate odors. Biggest lie of them all. They are a liability. They are harmful, causing upper respiratory problems. In fact ozone machines should be labeled and have timers.


If your concern is Indoor Air Quality we are the first in the industry to provide a Cleaner Healthier Indoor Living Environment.

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